About Nowhere

Nowhere will offer the whole spectrum of experiences.
We are art and science.
We are a museum and a playground.
We are a theater and a game.
We are technology and nature.
We are surreal and around you.
We are physical and virtual.
We are nowhere and now here.
Our initial Nowhere location will enliven the city center of Utrecht.
Cities need public spaces that strengthen the liveliness of neighborhoods, foster connections among residents, and provide venues for culture and entertainment. We aim to become one of the main attractions in Utrecht, and are strategically located adjacent to Utrecht Central Station, which serves as a bustling gateway for 90 million visitors per year.
Nowhere will have a transformative positive impact on the surrounding real estate market.
Real estate developers are looking for entertaining experiences that can raise the value of neighborhoods and properties. One way to achieve this is by integrating cultural venues into real estate developments. It can positively affect the value of both residential and commercial units.
Nowhere will develop distinctive and contemporary formats for placemaking.
Our unique approach to placemaking, which blends contemporary design with community engagement, serves as an inspiring and adaptable model. Other cities can follow this blueprint to cultivate vibrant public spaces that enhance urban life and resonate with the evolving cultural landscape of our time.
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